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Expression Legend

Hi All,

I have 4 expressions in line chart. Based on selection I need to display only two expression.

I have used variable using which I am able to get the expression but the remaining two expression's legends stil there which I dont want.

Please find the attched application for reference

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Hi Khush,

I think there is no such option to hide the expression in Legend, but what can we do is we can create a manual legend by using labels.  Please find the attached image

In the image all colors(Red, Blue and Green) and text(Small, Medium, Large) are individual labels.  Based on the condition you can show hide any of the label you wish.

This is what I do whenever I got scenario like this.  Hope this helps you.



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Hi Khush,

Use of  'Show value' attribute of expression instead of 'Values on Data Points' option to show expression's values,

will solve this problem. Just write any non zero value in Expression's attribute and unmark the 'Values on Data Points' option.

However, this is not enough when you work with accumulated expressions.

When you use an accumulate expression,  accumulate it with 'Rangesum' and 'above' functions instead of 'Full Accumulation' option in expression tab,

(Rangesum((count(if(New_Type = 'IP' and MTTR_Bucket = 'a. < 1 h' or MTTR_Bucket = 'b. 1 - 2 Hrs' and YearMonth> Vmax, Ticket_No))/

count(if(New_Type = 'IP' and YearMonth> Vmax, Ticket_No))),above([2Hrs]))*Vip - in your Exp)

and multiply the expression by null and not zero - just change your varable to be as follows:

=if(Business_Module='GDS' and New_Type='IP',1,null())



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Hi Jagan,

I know this is a really old post, but I just happen be trying to do the same thing (Hide couple expressions in a legend) so I was thinking of creating my own legend as you mentioned. Could just provide a little guidance as how I could try an achieve this. Sorry for any inconvenience

Thanks for any help,



Try to disable the legend and creat a straight table to use as legend. A straight table can be formatted to look like a legend. Add the dimension, 1 as expression and remove totals, the header, the caption, make cell borders transparent etc. The example posted here has such a fake legend hovering on top of the chart.

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//Use of  'Show value' attribute of expression instead of 'Values on Data Points' option to show expression's values,//

can you please tell me where is the show value attribute

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now i got this..

if i use 'Show value attribute... then the format was changing in some expression

can you please help me