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Expression to calculate sum of difference between two dates

Hi All,

I'm trying to put down an expression to calculate number of days for the following data. But, the expression is not working properly.

A      B      Date1             Date2

1      1     14/09/2010     28/02/2011

1      2     14/09/2010     13/05/2011

1      3     14/09/2010      17/05/2011

1      4     14/09/2010      17/05/2016

So, now i want to calculate number of days between the two dates for A for different B's and divide it by the count of number of B's for A. The calculation should be like (119+173+175+1480)/4=479.

i have my following expression as:

(AGGR( SUM({1} NetWorkDays(Date1 ,Date2)-1), A)



But with this expression i'm getting different number like 3894.

Can someone suggest or correct me where i'm going wrong?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Expression seems alright for the given data. Did you check in your data?




‌May be you just need this if A is your dimension

Sum({1} Aggr(NetWorkingDays(Date1, Date2), A, B))/Count({1} DISTINCT B)

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Strange. It works fine for the first (/417) but gives weird result for (/57). The last column in the screenshot is just a simple expression to calculate the difference between two dates (NetWorkDays(date1,date2)-1


Any idea why there is output in only one of the rows. the result should be shown in all the rows for A?


Try this for Numerator

Sum({1} Aggr(NetWorkingDays(Date1, Date2), A, B)