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Extremely slow Qlikview

I have a Database with a query with less than 80,000 records;

Based on this query I built a qvw

Both the database and the qvw are on my local harddrive

The link is done with the standard command:

ODBC CONNECT TO [MS Access Database;DBQ=C:\Data\AccDbs\xxx.accdb];

In QlikView there are no calculations just presenting the data the Access table is giving.

It was all working fine till last week suddenly it became slow. Every filter I set takes now about a minute where it always was 1 second or less. I did not change the Database and did not change the Qlikview


What is suddenly wrong ??

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Even if you didn't change anything the data itself may have altered and results in any broken association/calculation.

Another cause could be Windows, see:

Solved: Performance drop on QV Desktop Clients since insta... - Qlik Community - 1784643

- Marcus