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Creator II
Creator II

Failed to Open Document - Document Chaining Issue and Application Rescue

Dear Qlikview user

I am in the process of creating a document chain between several documents which seems to be working perfectly for me as an admin user

My colleagues however are unable to access the documents through access point and are met with the following error message

"Failed to Open Document 19"

1. I applied a fix on each QVW and set ApplicationRescue to 1. 

2. My colleagues confirmed that they were then able to open the QVW's at access point

3. It looks like that after each reload the ApplicationRescue sets itself back to 0

My questions are:

* Has anyone experienced the "Failed To Open Document" issue after applying document chaining?

* Should I set the ApplicationRescue to 1 on each end users settings ini file?

* Should I set the ApplicationRescue to 1 on just the Qlikview Server

Any help or advice with why my colleagues are getting the "Failed To Open Document" at access point after document chaining has been applied is greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


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