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Failed to contact QVS. Make sure that the qvs is available with the correct credentials

Hi All,

Recently we have changed the LogOn account of the Qlikview services and now when i browse the access point it says a message saying "No server" and when i apply the settings in QMC it shows "Failed to contact QVS. make sure that the qvs is available with the correct credentials "

We added the new account in the Qlikview admin and even in the server admin group. Later we got the server rebooted.

Please help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.!!

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The account that is configured into the services of the server don’t should be changed, that means don’t change the password and the name of the account

But if you need to change the account or the password you need to update this information in the services of the server, for example for update the name of the account you need to do the next steps

  • Enter in the services of QlikView
  • Select one of the services and right clicking then select the option properties
  • Select the tab Log On and click the button Browse
  • Search the user of the account
  • Change the password (only if you change this option)
  • Restart the services (Repeat this steps in the 5 services )
  • Finally, try to enter in the QMC

I attach one image with some steps but for the moment I don’t have a server available for one example with the real services, sorry for this.



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Hi Gerardo,

Thanks for the reply.!

i have already changed all the Qlikview services with the new account and the password and we restarted the all services.

Now when i enter into Access point, it says "Loading content" and later it comes "No server" message.

Please help I am stuck here.!

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Did you have installed IIS in the server?

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Hi Gerardo,

There is no IIS in the server.

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The user that you configured in the services is already in the group of administrators?

Did you have installed some antivirus in the server, if you have one antivirus please try to disable, only for test the installation in QlikView

After of the installation did you restart the server? If you didn’t do please restart the server.

Please make sure if the firewall it´s disable

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Hi Gerardo,

Qlikview was already installed and we have just changed the User.

The new user which we added is the replacement of the old user with which the Qlikview services were running and also it was a part of admin/Qlikview admin group. So we have added this new user wherever the old user was present.

Yes, we did reboot the server and firewall is also disabled. One more thing i observered was, when i rename the DOC QVS folder, this works but with out any document on Access point.

Is it that we need to add the user somewhere in QMC ?

I am very much scared for this.:| please help


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Did you change the name of the server?

The QlikView Management console works with the name of the server and the domain, if you don't have a domain qlikview works on localhost.

For example if the server name is Qlik01 and the domain is example.com the name of the management console would be http://Qlik01.example.com/qmc/default

So please tell me if you change the name of the server.


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Contributor II

Hi ,

Is your issue solved ?