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Creator III
Creator III

Fancy set analysis or model rework


have a look at my data model in attached.flex model.png


It was mainly done to show basic income analysis through "Transactions" and a calender. 

Every transaction is done for an account, that is related to a person. The person identifier is Épargnants.NEP.

I linked that to a new table: Envois.

That table is basically a list of communications (emails) we sent out, and persons we sent it to, and WHEN that email was sent.




So I'm looking for a way to show transactions for a person, but only if the date of the transaction follows the date of the communication ("envois").

I'm planning on having selections done for the "Nom_envois", and showing transactions in my graph.

Do I need to rework my model or should I try a set analysis to Show transactions with a date > Date_envois? If I do that and I have more than 1 selection done, thus maybe 2 "date_envois", that doesn't work anymore...


I'm puzzled.

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Master II
Master II

can you supply data?  hard to guess