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Filtering a definition by using if or where clause?

Hello everyone,

i have a table and in its function i add a "Count" function.

COUNT(DISTINCT keyattribute)

This works. So in the end i get a table with values on the left side and frequencies on the right side.

Now i want to filter this table in a way that a "WHERE" Clause is predefines.

This wont work for me.(example how it did not work)

COUNT(DISTINCT keyattribute) WHERE filterattribute='sn'

Now i also tried doing it with a if CLAUSE:

if(filterattribute='sn', COUNT(DISTINCT keyattribute)

At least this variant was syntactically correct, but it does not show the results i want it to. Output is just an empty table (i mean no frequencies.)

Can anyone help me here?

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Accepted Solutions

How about using set analysis:

Count(DISTINCT {<filterattribute = {'sn'}>} keyattribute)

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How about using set analysis:

Count(DISTINCT {<filterattribute = {'sn'}>} keyattribute)

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Master III

i think you missing closing bracket

try this

if(filterattribute='sn', COUNT(DISTINCT keyattribute))



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Thanks a lot :-). This worked!