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Filtering between two data connections

Hello All,

I have a qlikview document where in the script i am pulling from an ODBC connection (JIRA) and an Excel file (MPWR). I have joined the the two but linking project name. I am trying to build a straight table where I can see projects that are in (MPWR) but not in (JIRA) and I only want to see project in the current month. 

Below is the Calculated Dimension I am using to filter for projects in (MPWR) but not in (JIRA) how would i add on the current month into that formula?

=AGGR(concat(Distinct project_name),project_name)

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Master III
Master III

Assuming you are having a date field in your datamodel,

AGGR(concat({<DateField={'>=$(=MonthStart(Today(2)))<=$(MonthEnd(Today(2)))}>}Distinct project_name),project_name)