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Find the frequency by aggregation

Hi, I have some transaction records. I would like to find the frequency of the customer.

Customer ID          Date          Amount

A                    12/07/2017    1000

B                    14/07/2017    2000

A                    15/07/2017    3000

C                    16/07/2017    4000

C                    13/07/2017    5000

C                    12/07/2017    6000

C                    17/07/2017    9000

Expression I used to find out frequency : aggr(Count(Distinct [Date]), [Customer ID ])

Customer ID, Frequency

A, 2

B, 1

C, 4

What is the expression to find out the average of frequency (2.3)  and medium of frequency (2)?


2 Replies

May be this

Avg(Aggr(Count(Distinct [Date]), [Customer ID ]))

Or this within the chart

Avg(TOTAL Aggr(Count(Distinct [Date]), [Customer ID ]))


For Median

Median(Aggr(Count(Distinct [Date]), [Customer ID ]))


Median(TOTAL Aggr(Count(Distinct [Date]), [Customer ID ]))