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Contributor III
Contributor III

Fiscal Month - Help

Hi All , 

i have the below table and need to achieve the last column 

As of now iam showing  Year of Created Date - Fiscal Week - Fiscal Month Name and showing the column "As of now we are showing"

Requirement is we need to show Month based on Fiscal Month . How do i achieve this in script please help ( with script needed ) and i can import this excel file to achieve this



Week dayCreated DateFiscal weekFiscal MonthFiscal MonthFiscal Month NameAs of now we are showingNew requriment - Based on Fiscal Month
Sunday27-Jan-195January1January2019- Week 5 - Jan2019- Week 5 - Jan
Monday28-Jan-195January1January2019- Week 5 - Jan2019- Week 5 - Jan
Tuesday29-Jan-195January1January2019- Week 5 - Jan2019- Week 5 - Jan
Wednesday30-Jan-195January1January2019- Week 5 - Jan2019- Week 5 - Jan
Thursday31-Jan-195January1January2019- Week 5 - Jan2019- Week 5 - Jan
Friday1-Feb-195January2February2019- Week 5 - Feb2019- Week 5 - Jan
Saturday2-Feb-195January2February2019- Week 5 - Feb2019- Week 5 - Jan




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LOAD [Week day],
[Created Date],
[Fiscal week],
[Fiscal Month],
[Fiscal Month1],
[Fiscal Month Name],
[As of now we are showing] as Now,
[New requriment - Based on Fiscal Month] as Req,
YEAR([Created Date])&'- Week '&[Fiscal week]&' - '&Left([Fiscal Month],3) as [Requirement Fullfilled]
[\\ns-sisci01hd\home_s01\Citrix_Folder_Redirect\Downloads\New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx]
(ooxml, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is Sheet1);