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Fiscal Periods / Month Names

Hi There

I have a set of data with the financial year listed as '2015/16', 2016/17 etc, and the organisation I work for uses financial year fiscal periods, so for example fiscal period 01 = July.

I have used the following code to store the FY and min and max fiscal periods into a master calendar:



     Min(DisFP) as MinFP,

     Max(DisFP) as MaxFP,

     FY as FinancialYr

Resident TABLE_NAME Group By FY;

LET vMinFP = floor(peek('MinFP'));

LET vMaxFP = floor(peek('MaxFP'));

I am now trying to align the fiscal periods to the Months and use them in a text box to show users the date range the data is applicable for.  I don't want the data to change with selection, to only calculate upon the selection of the financial year I want it to remain a static value (almost) as you switch between financial years.

So the formulas I've used in the text box:

=IF(FinancialYr='2016/17','Title used in report' &Month(MinFP) & ' to ' &Month(MaxFP),

IF(FinancialYr='2015/16','Title used in report' &Month(MinFP) & ' to ' &Month(MaxFP)))

Only being fairly new to Qlikview, I've read quite a lot of threads about years etc, but can't seem to get exactly what I am after.

So it is two questions - how do I align my fiscal periods to the months I want (1 = July, 2 = August), or do I need to go back to the script.

Thanks for your help, I can't load up any examples due to organisation policy so hopefully I've provided enough information.

Just wanted to update this that the above master calendar table worked, once I dropped renaming the FY it seemed to link together the way I wanted.  Thanks for everyone's responses.

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Is DisFP a date field?

What isn't quite working for you as your formula look OK

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hello Bronwyn,

You can make use of below field to generate FiscalMonth (Considering Month - 1 = Jan, 2 = Feb... 12 = Dec).

If(Month>=7, Month-6, Month+6) AS FiscalMonth

Hope this will be helpful.