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Font selection color


I've changed the default selection color (green to blue) using VB script. Now I have 1 problem:

1- The default font color (black) was changed, when I am selecting in a value in a Listbox the font color becomes yellow instead of staying black.

Did anyone of you came across to the same problem? If so, how can I solve this?

Thanks in advance. 

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Please post here the VB script you´ve used

Creator II
Creator II

Plz share your qvw with code.So that we can help you better

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Thanks for your replies, here the VB script, unfortunately I will not be able to update the QVW.

Sub SetColorPrefs()

  Dim UserPrefs

  set UserPrefs = ActiveDocument.GetApplication.GetUserPreferences

  ' Set the "Selected" Color

  UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col = rgb(57,168,187)

  UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col =  RGB (255,255,255) '

  ' Set the "Possible" Color

  UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col= RGB (255,255,255) '

  'UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col= 125476

  ' Set the Excluded Color

  'UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col= 8421504

  'UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col= 14211288

  ' Set the Locked Color

  'UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col= 8388608

  'UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col= 65535

  ActiveDocument.GetApplication.SetUserPreferences UserPrefs

  ' Qlikview default values:

  ' Set the "Selected" Color

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col: 2134015

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(1).PrimaryCol.Col: 16777215

  ' Set the "Possible" Color

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col: 16777215

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(2).PrimaryCol.Col: 0

  ' Set the Excluded Color

  'msgbox cstr(UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col)

  'msgbox cstr(UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(5).PrimaryCol.Col)

  ' Set the Locked Color

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelBgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col: 8388608

  ' UserPrefs.CustomSelFgColor(0).PrimaryCol.Col: 65535

End Sub