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Contributor III
Contributor III

Force data labels to appear on Line chart

I have a line chart where i want to show the values. I also want to use the Dimension limits to show only 25 results.

However, if i choose to show more than 16 values by restricting the dimension limits, the values no longer appear on the chart.

When there are 16 values showing, i can squish the chart so its very narrow and the values are illegible but they are there on the chart.  If i choose to show 17 or more, they disappear no matter how wide the chart.


How can i force the labels to appear?


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Former Employee
Former Employee

This would most likely be a potential defect I believe, so I would recommend ensuring you have tested in the latest Service Release (SR) for the point release you are running to ensure things are not fixed there.  I did a quick search, but I could not find anything that fit, so I would be sure you have checked behavior in latest SR for the point release/track you are running, and if the issue persists, the best course of action would be to submit a case with the application, so we can try to replicate the issue in one of our environments.


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