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GPS Locator Script / Service in the demo application "GPS Store Finder"


It seems to be possible as presented in the "GPS Store Finder" application (here) to locate the position of the user, only in AJAX mode, with the help of the web browser.

The question is : how is it possible ? what must we do to put it in place ?

My first impression is that the solution is based on GPS variable or paramater transmit by opendoc.html + javascript to qlikview application... something like that.

Any idea ?


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I also intrested in 🙂

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Have you discovered the secret? I'm also interested!


Do you have any update on this? would be interested to know the secret 🙂

Contributor III
Contributor III

Get the Project reference components, it has an Extension that is responsible for that.

If you get the downloadable project, the "find my location" button is a reference to the extension.

The extension must be installed in your application folder.

Hope it helps.

Miguel Catalão

Specialist II
Specialist II


here it his the zip file.

extract it and double click on the .qar file.

Then you can use it with http://eu-a.demo.qlik.com/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=demo11%7Cqvdocs/GPS%20-%20Store%20Find...

Hope it helps...


André Gomes

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It´s very interesting!!

When the user clicks the "find my location" button, the extension calls a method "navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition()" and gets the coordinates of the device.

Finally 2 document variables vLat (latitude), vLog (longitude) are set.

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Pablo, have you implemented this option in any App?

I'm trying to use that, but no success... Any advice?

Contributor III
Contributor III


We are using it with success in one of our projects thought with some functional changes.

What problems are you having?

Mind the extension will only work with a GPS Enabled Browser, and in server Side environment (if you try the original project it will not work in QV Desktop).

Also, you will have to copy and adapt the Macros in the document (rezoom, rezoom2 )...

Good Luck!

Miguel Catalão

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We have an server environment, and I also had installed the extension in the server.

In the first moment, I tried to use a custom App just creating the two variables as they say to, but with no success, so I copied the GPS Store Find App to server and tried to access it from my mobile (IOS) and no success.

The Macros (rezoom, rezoom2) are used to the map, in my app it will start more simple, I just need the coordinate in those variables.

Do you have any ideia about, what should I do?


Roberto Bechara