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Gauge chart 3 segments


Please help me learn how to use gauge chart in QlikView.

I want to show 3 segments in the gauge chart(green, yellow, red) with a min and max value for each segment. I don't see an option to perform this in the properties.

For example I want to perform the below activity in the gauge chart using three segments

If condition 1 then needle points to the green segment

If condition 2 then needle points to the yellowcsegment

If condition 3 then needle points to the red segment



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Master II
Master II

You can do this in the presentation tab of the chart properties. In presentation tab, set the minimum and maximum value. Use the add button to add the segments. For each segments add the lower bound values and colour. Regards. Siva

Master II
Master II


Hi Shikha,

In Gauge chart, everything is all about what u do in Presentation tab.

1st Gauge Settings:

It'll define the Min and Max Value of the total Gauge.

2nd Segment Setup:

It is where u divide segments.

U can add, delete and even promote segments.

u can label it.

In the Segment u can choose the colour for ur segment and the "Lower Bound" Value defines the Min val of the segment.

U can even edit that by Unchecking the Autowidth Segments, so that u can modify it!!!

Thats all about Standard Gauge Settings