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Creator III
Creator III

Getting Organized to Build the Stages for my App

Hello. I'm starting to build an app for work about different tasks, where every task has a creation and finalization timestamp, there also is an employee (name) who creates that task in particular and a type of task, plus other information in more tables. I was told that, before I start to create my app with all the dashboards and graphs I need, I have to build the stages first (for example, creating my first stage for the tables related to the tasks and joining those tables, making calculations for the call time which is equal to finalization time - creation time, counting some fields with a flag and other stuff). In brief, having a fact table with all the data related to the task, and then build other stages for the rates, area, etcetera... Is this a good way to do it? Do you have any article about getting organized in building the stages so that I could know more about it? Thanks for your help!

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Yes staging is good in many ways, as it helps you easily diagnose your code, it increases your performance of the application etc...

You can define your stages as follows

Stage 1>> Extract your data from data source and store it in qvd format in this stage.

Stage 2>> Generate your required keys (composite keys) and get only the required fields and calculations done in this stage.

Stage 3>> Build your data model here and it would act as the final input for you application.

Stage 4(Final App) >> Just load your build data model as binary load in this app and , so in this app , you just have to binary load your data model and your section access tables would be defined here.

Hope this may help you a bit....


Nitin Gupta

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Check out below deployment frame work , may help you




It seems like that link doesn't exist anymore. Do you still have that doc?