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Creator II
Creator II

Getting Selected Value of Locked Field into a Variable

Hi, Im having difficulty getting the selected value of a list box (which is locked) into a variable.


When a user clicks to 'Enter Dashboard' from the front page of our qvw - an Organisation field is locked based on the UserID.  I also need to pass this listbox value to a variable to be used in NPrinting.  

This is the expression Im using in the variable :

=If(count(distinct [Organisation])=1,[Organisation],
  If(count(distinct [Organisation])>1,'Multiple Selected','No Organisation Chosen') 

When I run a report after clicking to enter the app (ie the Organisation field is locked to one Organisation) the Nprint Report is showing 'Multiple Selected'. If I unlock this field and select an Organisation the correct value is displayed in the report.  

Is there a specific method to get the selected value from a locked field?


Many thanks

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If i understand correct, there is an intention that you want to unlock from QV when it involved N-Printing or is this something different? There might be some filter assigned to the button where you hit to enter the dashboard. 

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