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Google Maps Integration in Qlikview

Hi All,

I am facing some issues with fetching the latitude and Longitude data from the Google API. I have made some changes to the code which was available online so that i can access the api. The code is as below. Any help is appreciated. Table1 contains data for the name and country. Thanks in advance

let noRows = NoOfRows('Table1')-1;

for i=0 to $(noRows)

let a=peek('Name',$(i),'Table1');

let address=peek('Country',$(i),'Table1');



'$(a)' as Name,

'$(address)' as Address

    [GeocodeResponse/result/geometry/location/lng.value] AS longitude,

    [GeocodeResponse/result/geometry/location/lat.value] AS latitude

  FROM [http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/xml?address=$(address)&output=xml&oe=utf8&sensor=false] (XmlSimple, Table is [kml]);


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Fixed it the issue was with a variable used.