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Graph design issue


I am struggling on a chart and cannot understand where I am going wrong, if it is data setup or graph setup. I have a data set as defined below:



22015 Qtr 20
201532015 Qtr 31
201542015 Qtr 43
201612016 Qtr 16

when I set a bar chart I want to have the sum of the Instances (ie 10) however when I set the properties and the expression for the data is Sum(Instances) for some reason I get 10 but I have 5 bars instead of 1. Any ideas as to why?

thank you.


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Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

Hi Roberto,

it would be better if you could upload your qvw, so we can check the chart etc.


Partner - Master
Partner - Master


As Andrew has suggested a sample would be good.

In the mean time,

what dimension(s) are you using?

Screen grab of the chart in question?


Creator II
Creator II

Please share screenshot of the bar chart to help us figure this better. First question here is to understand what dimension (X axis) do you have in that bar chart? Initial guess here is that perhaps the bar chart is ignoring dimension and is summing up all (hoping there is no set analysis expression to ignore dimension)

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Hi ,

For quick solutions , share sample file.

Before check this ....

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Thank you all for the comments and apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately got side tracked. I ended up finding my error and basically it was where I had the expression to sum the numbers. I have now fixed the issues.