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Contributor III
Contributor III

Grouped & Stacked Bar chart in same graph

Hi All , 

I have below Graph as Stack bar chart which has 6 different expression with no dimension .

Requirement is to merge the 3 expression into 1 grouped Bar ie . I'm showing in 3 different cuts 11 , 108 and 97 . i want to

as 1 grouped Bar ( with 2 colors ) 97+11 = 108 and the remaining should be show as same stack bar .

Please help . I believe something to do with syntactic dimesion ( value list or value loop ) or any method.


Advance thanks

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Create a inline table like the below 

dim, dim1, amount
exp1, , 54
exp2, exp2, 11
exp2, exp3, 108
exp2, exp4, 97
exp5, , 213
exp6, , 195

And take Dim1,Dim2 in the chart as dimension and the respective expression for each dimension and select the stacked bar option in the bar chart