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Has anyone had this problem?

I developed the whole panel on my machine and it was all working, but I posted it on the qlikview server. I had some problems (I have not found the solution yet).


When I open my client (image1) and make use of the panel, everything works (image2 and image3), but when I go to open on the server (image4) some functionality has an example problem when filtering by clicking on some row of a table ).

From now on I am grateful for the attention of everyone.

Att, Fábio Duarte

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The main reason for the X on the charts are calculations of expression taking time and unable to render the charts.  These are memory problems on the server.. Try to check the Memory allocation

One more thing to do if you have a complex expression in the chart disable these and see if these charts are able to render

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Thanks Zaid Mohammad,

its possible alocation more memory only to qlikview? my server has memory free to this, but I don't know make this.

From now on I am grateful for the attention.


Fábio Duarte


There could be multiple reasons for this, mostly it is reported by many members due to memory overflow, this link should help -

Re: Table box showing BIG X

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Good afternoon Digvijay,

Complentando a questão... Eu percebi que quando eu mudo de aba e volto, os dados voltam a ser apresentados normalmente já filtrado.

Gostaria de saber se eu poderia fazer esse refresh na tela sem que seja necessário que o usuário clique. Isso é possível?


Fábio Duarte