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Has anyone integrated Smartsheets into Qlik?

As part of a financial application, one of my requirements is to integrate Smartsheets (project management data) into Qlik. I have successfully been able to do that for one project. I am now encountering some issues as I attempt to load in additional projects and was curious if anyone else in the community has integrated many Smartsheet projects into Qlik? I would love to discuss offline if so.

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In lieu of anyone having integrated Smartsheets, perhaps someone can assist me based on the below Load statement. This statement errors with a generic SQL error. However, if I comment out the line "[1147 - LENOX.....]" and remove the comma on the line above that, then my 1 project loads in fine. Conversely if I comment out that project and uncomment the other, then that project loads fine. But I can't seem to get them both to load at once (I have many Smartsheet projects to load, but just trying to tackle two initially). As reference, every Smartsheet project is recognized as a Database table in Qlik. Any thoughts? Please note: I haven't yet created a qvd but will be.


Load  [_ROWNUM_],

      [Project Code],

   [Planned Effort],

      [Actual Effort],

      [ETC % Complete],

      [Hours Needed],


      [Remaining Cost] as [Estimate Cost to Complete],




SQL Select *

     FROM [1155 Good Sheperd__4821633669064580s_(Home)],

     [1147 - LENOX__1736175871387524s_(Home)]

    Where [_PARENTID_] > '0'