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Having trouble installing Qlikview Desktop on windows 8

Hi Guys,

I kept getting windows installer popup everytime i'm attempting to install QlikViewDesktop_Win8andUp.exe, this happens after the installer says decompressing qlikview msi.

qlikview popup.png

I've tried installing the QlikViewDesktop_DocumentationAndTutorial_English_Setup.exe and QlikViewDesktop_x64Setup.exe encountered the same problem, I'm currently using a windows 8 single language OS.

Does any of you guys having the same problem?

Thanks for your help in advanced.



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I have the same issue. I tried troubleshooting compatibiity, running as an administrator. No luck. Running Win 8 64-bit.

Update : I just ran into a bunch of issues with a batch file in another installation, and maybe these are linked. These are :

1. My HomePath is on D:, not C:

2. My 😧 is NTFS and it no longer supports 8dot3 filenames - this has become optional, and 8dot3 names slow the file system down, so it is turned off by default.

3. My UserProfile is of the form "D:\NAME & NAME" - this means that use of %~s1 in a batch file no longer works, as there is no 8dot3 equivalent.




I had the same problem. But by creating a new local user with administration rights it was possible to install.

Best regards

Karin Berglund

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I had the same issue and found the problem was a space in the temp directory. Try changing the temp path to something without a space in it such as c:\tmp in a cmd box and run the install from the same cmd box.