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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem. I have an existing application which I maintain and needed to  changed Data source from a bunch of flat files to SQL because of the refresh time. I have changed the syntax to work with SQL  and all the Data is coming in perfectly well compared to the flat files. The issue now is that one of the date field has null values and where ever there is an expression the null values get truncated which affect the entire report.

What do I do in this case. this report has 13 sheets with all types of chart but the table box seem to be showing the null values because there is no expression like you know.

Please, help my job is at stalk here. Thanks you all in Advance.

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Creator III
Creator III

Try to replace null values for the field with a character like 'space' or '_' or '-' etc...

Use the below function while loading the data from SQL.


NVL(expr1,expr2) function:

If expr1 is null, then NVL returns expr2. If expr1 is not null, then NVL returns expr1.



try replacing exp2 with a character like '_' or '-' as Null() substitution

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

A very common approach to do further transformations to sql queries is the use of Preceding Load and I think also this: NULL handling in QlikView will be very helpful for you.

- Marcus

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I tried your suggestion, it only converted my entire fields to Null. I have isnull function on the sql and it is handling all my nulls. That is because table box and list box is showing all the nulls but anytime I have an expression with all chart types, it truncates the null values on the date field thereby making my calculations incorrect.

Has anyone come across this same issue? I need help. is an existing application that I just had to change the data source and I am not supposed to be having such issues since the front end is supposed to be the same.

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use ->        if(len(trim(field))=0, ... , ...)          to check the null value in the script!