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Hide column in pivot table

[View:]In a Pivot table in the dimension there are tthree hierarchies ( say Field1 , Field2 and Field3 ). Field1 has sequence field ( say FieldSeq1) , similarly Field2 has sequence field (say FieldSeq2). We have to display the fileds sorted by first FieldSeq1 then FieldSeq2. But this sequence fields should not be displayed . Additionally Field3 should also not be displayed.

Till this point requirements matches with Straight tables. But we have some additional requirements where Straight table fails .

We need sub totals of two expresssion fields (exp1, exp2 say). Sub totals based on dimension Field3( though the column should be hidden), and same for Field1 and Field2. In the Sub Totals Row also we need Label with current Value of Field1, Field2 and Field3 respectively.

Attached is the format in which final report should be , but FieldSeq1, FieldSeq2 and Field3 columns should not be visible.

Please let me know if there is any solution like this.

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hello michale, im not really familiar with qlikview programing, could you be more specific on how this macro works. what is CH, what shall i replace if my column is called purpose for instance ... thanks

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Hi Michale ,

Is there any way in script or UI  level not in Macro.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi MC,

if you want to perform Hide column and Show Column Please try to do using expression Tab Column conditional enable.



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Partner - Champion III

hmmmm .... you're trying to respond to a 7 year old thread - it should have been closed long ago...