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Hide the dashboard on access point having section access

Hi All,

I have designed my section access as like, I'm reading security data from AM.QVD(Access Manager profile) which stores information abt the user hence EMEA(Row level restriction) user will see EMEA data AMS will se AMS data and so on this part is working well.

Now I have one scenario:

There are 5 users: (A,B,C,D,E) all have the same access to EMEA countries point is same access same kind of profile and all can see same data on the dashboard.

Now we have to board one new dashboard where we do not want to modify our AM profile, but at the same time we want to hide the dashboards from users, e.g. only (A,B) should see the dashboard on the access point even though (C,D,E) as,lo have the same privilege but they should not, is this can be done?

if yes then will it hamper my row level security? like AMS users will start seeing EMEA data as well.



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All I think if we create a new AD group then from the publisher we can do that?

Correct me if i'm wrong.