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Hide the word "(Detached)"

How do I detached a pivot table but hide the word "(Detached)" in the Caption? Note that I still want the caption for the title and minimised button.

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Did the set analysis approach not work for you like the one I suggested here?

Detach a chart but not show the word 'Detached'

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It doesn't work for what I am looking for.


What exactly are you looking to do? Can you may be give some background information. The reason I ask you this is because AFAIK, QlikView doesn't have an option to hide the word 'Detached' from its title when the chart is detacted.

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Creator II


One way to work around this would be to set the chart to detached but then to layer a text box object over the word detached in the title bar and set the colour of the text box to match the title bar. As Sunny said I don't know of any way to stop Qlikview displaying the word detached once a chart has been detatched.

Hope this is useful for you .




May be some thing like this,

At Show Caption -> Title Text

='Enterprise>CMG                                            ' &  Chr(30) & Chr(30)

Hide the word (Detached).PNG



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Partner - Specialist II

I don't know whyu are detached that , i guess the following points may helps you.

If you do not want any selections in the chart, instead of detached you can use Following ways :

1.Use Read Only option in General Tab

2.If u make any selection , u do not want want any reflection in your chart , thn restrict those section fields in set analysis.


Create one alternate group  and then use that group.


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Specialist II

As others have said, there might be better ways than using the Detached option, however a workaround could be to pop the object into a container, set it to display objects as Grid, with a matrix of 1 row by 1 column and no spacing. You can then use the label you want in the container header with the minimize button available.

You lose Size to Data, though.



I think I saw someone give this suggestion (which seems to have worked) but they have removed it.


Add this to the end of your label

& Chr(10)

which should push your label 1 row down and Detacted will no longer be visible