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Highlight Chart Axis Label - Help


I have the following line Chart :


Is it possible to highlight the x-axis label that has the highest value?  In this case I would like to change 16:00 to a different colour...

Any help or alternative solution is very much appreciated.


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Champion III
Champion III

You could create another expression, set its Display Options to Text on Axis and give it a Text Format expression to change the colour as needed with a suitable expression.

Don't forget to untick Label for the Dimension.

Master II
Master II


There is no way to change the color of labels directly.

But you can try to hide the built-in chart labels and add another transparent chart straight table object at the bottom.

Using background color expression you should be able to colorize text appropriately.

To hide the cell boarders try to use advanced styling mode.

Hope this helps.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Tom,

why don't you look at this video which explains the technique to highlight the dimension in a chart in detail:

QlikView : Highlighting specific dimension label on bar chart - YouTube

Happy Qliking