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How can I apply filter criteria in a Mashup and have it apply in URL?

Hi Everyone,

I'm an extreme novice with Qlik and have limited knowledge of HTML. I've created a Mashup with 2 filter criteria and several visualizations. I intend to take the URL of the Mashup and have it embedded on to a collaboration website so users can see the Qlik data via that site.

One of my filters has a selection that should be selected when users view the data, otherwise, they get an inaccurate picture of the data (it adds too many things together that shouldn't be added together). In this instance, the application has a "Currency Reporting Mode" that should be selected, otherwise it adds all of the data together from the 3 different modes, which gives inaccurate totals. There are 3 options, and I want one of these selected when I view the data.

Is there a way that within the Mashup I can force the selection of this filter criteria, so that when users view the mashup on the collaboration site, the filter criteria is pre-selected? I can select the filter criteria within the Mashup, but I don't think that holds when I view the URL of the Mashup.


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