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How can I use < > = signs in my set-expression?

I need help with creating this into a set-expression:

Sum (if (Fsgantal < 0, Fsgexkl_EUR)) + Sum (if ([Transaction type] = 'Credit' and Fsgantal <> 0, Fsgexkl_EUR))

I'm thinking:

Sum ({< Fsgantal = {"<0"} >} Fsgexkl_EUR) + Sum ( {<[Transaction type] = {'Credit'},  Fsgantal = {"<>0"}>} Fsgexkl_EUR))

I believe that I don't know how to deal with <>= signs properly. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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not equal to '<>' is exclusion in set analysis that could be used like:

Fsgantal -= {'0'}                  // minus '-' sign before '='


In addition, you might be able to combine the two set into a single expression

Sum({<Fsgantal = {"<0"}>+<[Transaction type] = {'Credit'}, Fsgantal -= {"0"}>} Fsgexkl_EUR)

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Luminary Alumni

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