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How delete the qvd file.

Hi All,

Do you know how to use QV script to delete the QVD file?


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Creator II
Creator II

Any way to get rid of the Security Alert window?  I already changed my user settings closed the app and reopened.


And check from script bottom preview there also you need to enable the option

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I use the script below to empty a QVD file. This works efficiently even for large QVDs.

Sub EmptyQvd(qvdFilePath)


TRACE Start EmptyQvd for file $(qvdFilePath);

// First check if the qvd-file exists

if (not IsNull(QvdCreateTime(qvdFilePath))) then

TRACE ... file exists ...;

// Check if the Qvd-file contains more than 0 records

if(QvdNoOfRecords(qvdFilePath) > 0) then



load *

where 1=2;

first 1

load *

from [$(qvdFilePath)](qvd);

store tmp_qvd_table into [$(qvdFilePath)](qvd);

Drop table tmp_qvd_table;

end if ;


TRACE ... file '$(qvdFilePath)' does not exist;

end if;

TRACE finished EmptyQvd;


End Sub


Creator III
Creator III

is there any way to delete the Qvd without using a macro or a Bacth job in windows...

we know that we can empty the Qvd in the script without using a Macro or Batch job in windows, but we are looking for an option to delete the full Qvd... ???

please let me know if any such option is there.... thanks much !!