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How do I make this chart in QlikView

Hey Guys,

Im a little stuck. I'm trying to build this chart in QlikView but I can't seem to get it to work.

I hope someone can help me out.

Enclosed is an Excel sheet of what I'm trying to accomplish.

You will find 4 blue columns:
ID = productID
GROUP = productGroup
TOTAL_PRICE = total net price of products in stock
QTY = Quantity of products in stock

Followed by 3 red columns (these are the ones I'm trying to calculate in QlikView)
UNIT_PRICE = Unit price
TOTAL_PRICE_SHARE = % of total net price of products compared to the total sum of the productgroup
CUMMULATED_SHARE = previous - 100%

I hope somebody can help me out.




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Contributor III
Contributor III

do you have the file in .xls format too?

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Here you go Adrian,


Thanks 🙂

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view attached file.


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Hey Alex,

Thanks for your solution, this has helped me out alot.

But quick question, I've made a small mistake in my excel-sheet I posted yesterday.

If you look at the last column you will understand.

The column cumulated share looks at the group column and then does the subtraction.

enclosed you'll find the excel sheet.


Thanks alot 🙂

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in attached file there's another solution.

1) the graph is a pivot with only 2 dimensions
2) GROUP is the first dimension
2) TOTAL_PRICE and QTY are expressions