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How to Perform my .qvw


    I have a hard work to do, i need improve my .qvw files, decrease them ,remove the synthetic key, among other things

     One thing i realized , and i don't know how to resolve is synthetic key...Some table are linked a other by two field, and if i dont make a left/right join a synthetic key is created.

     I dont wanna do left join because It takes too long to update, and concatenate make a synthetic key....

     Anyone can tell me how i can remove synthetic key without get worse my code?

     Some good pratic...

I have a lot .qvw to analyze,  And I know that there's a way I can reduce a lot of processing and memory...

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Master III
Master III

I suggest you to read relevant information here on link table. Didn't understand how concatenation is causing synthetic key. It would be great if you can share your data model. See some links for your reference

Re: What is link table?


Removing synthetic keys is often easy to accomplish. The easiest solution is to create composite keys by concatenating all key fields into a single new field (please do use a separator character like '-' or '|' between field values) and either renaming or removing the original fields altogether.

That last action may pose a problem, as keys linking multiple fact tables may be easy to create, but many times none of the fact tables contain all key values and their related information. A solution for this could be to concatenate fact tables together, or create a Link Table with all composite key field values, and a few dimension tables that contain the corresponding details.

Master II
Master II

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