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How to display end of period inventory in line chart ? (no sum)


each row in my database record is like this:

Processing Date (dd/mm/yy)RegionSalesEOP Inventory


And i have a master calendar that derives weeks, month, quarter, years etc. from [Processing Date] field from past 3 years to year + 1 (so 2021 here)

I then display my sales in line chart (weekly, monthly, yearly) and using below definition which is working fine:

Sum({$<[454.year]={$(=Only([454.year]))}>}[Sales]) for current year

Sum({$<[454.year]={$(=Only([454.year])-1)}>}[Sales]) for year -1


Now want to also do a line chart but for my inventory. But I cannot use sum as it does not make sense here. So depending on the period set as dimension (ie can be by week, or quarter or year etc.),  I want to display the value at the end of this period.

Let's say my dimension is to display by week (so week 1 to week 52), I want the chart to display the inventory at the end of each week).

Browsing around, it seems a possible solution is to use firstSortedValue(), but I 'm not sure how to use it. I tried below: 

firstSortedValue([End Inv_C US$], -[Processing Date])

But it does not work....

Also, same as i did for my sales, I also need to display my end of period inventory for the year-1


Thank you

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Do you have days in you calendar? Use the last day of week (Fri, Sun, whatever you consider as last) in the set analysis, something like this:


Sum({$<[Day]={'Sun'}>}[EOP Inventory]) - if you have weeks as dimension in your chart, it will show you value only for Sunday.



thank you it's working fine when i display my chart with weekly dimensions, but how can i do with Month and Quarter ?

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

I suppose you want always the last day, right? Try this:

Sum({$<[Date]={"$(=Max(Date))"}>}[EOP Inventory])





This looks to be okay... what dimensions do you have in your chart where you are using this?

FirstSortedValue([End Inv_C US$], -[Processing Date])

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