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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to extract data form SAP in HEX format and convert to CHAR

Hi everyone, I require assistance to convert a field in HEX format from a SAP source whose base is Oracle. We need to convert to CHAR.

We currently use the SAP connector ver 7.1

We had look with these articles from the community:


How to convert to decimal:


However the conversion wasn't successful. Is there any particular change that needs to be made in the SAP connector to convert this data type?


At the SAP's Database , the log header is saved in the BALHDR table, which can be accessed with the same filters as the SLG1 transaction:





 With the Log Number, The BALDAT table can be access, to obtain the Log Items:





Checking with the owners, they said this data is saved in compressed format (Hex) and can't be read directly like other data, but it is necessary to extract/decompress, through other SAP functions.



Best Regards,


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