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How to get the right data at any point of time?

Hello everybody,

I have different tables with start and end dates regarding to a productkey.

Prodno, SellStartDate, SellEndDate
10001 01/01/2005 31/12/2099
10002 01/01/2005 31/12/2010

Prodno, Desc, StartDate, EndDate
10001, xxx, 01/01/2005, 31/12/2005
10001, xxy, 01/01/2006, 31/12/2099
10002, ccc, 01/01/2005, 31/12/2010

Prodno, Vendor, StartDate, EndDate
10001, 20020, 01/01/2005, 30/06/2006
10001, 20156, 01/07/2006, 31/12/2099

What is the best method, to get the right data at any point auf time? Is it possible to useeIntervalMatch with more than one table?

Thank you.

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