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How to handle NULL comparion in qv scrpts


I have a typcial case where when NULL is compared in scripts results no error in log files for QV 12.3 Nov2018 edition, where as the same condition returns (Error: Script line error: ) in the document log for QV 11.0.


I am trying to compare a max_date with another max_date_N, the script silently complete without any error, which should not be the case. 

Version: qv12.3 nov 2018

IF $(vQVDLastPeriod) < $(vDBLastPeriod) --> here qDBLastPeriod returns null, then script silently executes and logs as Execution finished . This will cause isssue in having any entry in last_excution_time in my  audit_table.qvd

Version: qv 11.0

IF $(vQVDLastPeriod) < $(vDBLastPeriod) --> here qDBLastPeriod returns null, then script failed with error. 

I've see this article, but did not understand the work around.


Should i make any changes in settings.ini file by disabling  (EnableBnfReload=0) and if yes, does this impact existing  scripts.

Appreciate if you can help.

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

I would not recommend using the setting, as that was deprecated in 12.30 track and in 12.40 and later the setting is completely ignored, so the better option is to correct the actual issue.  I would think doing an isnull() check and if so, exit the script or something would be a potential way to go I think, but I am not exactly sure what it is you are really doing and that may be why nobody else answered, so some further use case details may be helpful.  


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