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How to keep the changes in the variables's values after reloading documents


I'm experiencing a problem regarding the QlikView Server 11 SR1 with Publisher.

All the user changes in the variables's values are lost after the document is reloaded in the server.

Is this an expected behavior? I believe not.

If so, is there any way to keep user changes?

Thank in advance,

Rafael Francisco

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Good Afternoon, Rafael

Do not quite understand your question, what does your application? The correct is that every server update to base this is fed data to be updated. If you want to leave investigated variables with fixed value do calculation directly in the script.

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Good afternoon, cristiano.

Let me use a simple example:

     Suppose I have a document with a variable [Test].

     I publish the document on the server with the variable [Test] configured with default value "original".

     A user modifies the contents of the variable [Test] to "modified". If, during user's analysis, the document is      reloaded on the server (data is updated), the content of the variable is automatically set to the default value      "original".

     I don't wanna this behaviour, i need to keep the user defined value ("modified").

Thanks in advance,


Good Afternoon, Rafael

Now I could understand!

In this case this variable would be obtained which way? Inline, database, xml qvw with a 'for' etc ... Whenever I need to use fixed values ​​that define variables in any of these databases, create a select multiple and usually when the server reconnects data selection remain.

I hope to have helped you.




I think , in script variable assign?


set vVariable = 'original';

So, whenever reload the file, original is assign to variable 'vVariable'..

Please check once..

Hope it helps

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey Refael,

Have you found a solution for your problem?

I'm experiencing the same problem.


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Unfortunately not.

But i found a workaround for myself.

Instead of using variables, i loaded a field with my desired values and make selections on it as needed.

As selections in fields's values ​​can be retained after reloads, it worked for me.

Best regards,

Contributor II
Contributor II

I'm having the same problem. Any thoughts other than using field values instead of variables?

Best regards,


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I believe not.