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Partner Ambassador

How to make this chart in Qlikview?

Hi guys, I have to make a bar chart based on an excel analysis.

The chart has to look like this :


And I'm trying to figure it out how to do it in Qlikview. I'm trying to add new "fake" dimension in order to get a field called "pivotdimension" with values : CY, LY, Budget,... but I can't get the same result.

Any ideas?

Regards, Marcel.

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II



Load * Inline [

SalesPer,    Time,    Sales

John,        CY,        10

Kim,        LY,        10

Dave,        BCY,    10

Peter,        BLY,    10

John,        BLY,        10

Kim,        CY,            10

Dave,        LY,            10

Peter,        BCY,        10

John,        BCY,        4

Kim,        BLY,        3

Dave,        CY,    12

Peter,        LY,    1

John,        BLY,        9

Kim,        BCY,        8

Dave,        CY,    8

Peter,        LY,    6

John,        LY,        6

Kim,        BCY,        5

Dave,        BLY,    4

Peter,        CY,    2


you don't need extra dimensions.