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Creator III
Creator III

How to move to the left if there is an empty cell?


I would like some help to do this please:

I have searched the files and I have found the function above and below:

Re: use of Above() and Below()

the function Below should help but I cannot get it to work and I am not sure I am on the right track.

The table on the left is a pivot table - the expression used is CutOffDate ( I would like to get rid of the yellow empy spaces.

below( [ total ] expression [, offset [,n ]] )

so I tried:

below(AutoNum2, if(isnull(CutOffDate), CutOffDate ,1 ))

I think I may have to go bac to first principles and try the null date functions and do more on autonumbering.

The original problem what that data comes out in rows and needed to be displayed in columns!

Any help appreciated!



Message was edited by: Josephinet Tedesco The file has 2 sheets - sheet 1 ithe original file (the result of another programs) sheet 2 - What it look like after I have tried using qlikview! I will send the qlikview script I have used after I do some de-identification! My husband says that programmers have a special kind of madness! Thank you Krishan for your offer.!

Message was edited by: Josephinet Tedesco this is the scripting I did: Tablex: LOAD distinct date([Data], 'dd/MM/yyyy') as Data, kEYPERSON, AutoNumber(Data&kEYPERSON,kEYPERSON)as Autonum1 FROM fredfile.xlsx (ooxml, embedded labels, table is OriginalFile); Data1: load distinct //RowNo(), Autonum1, kEYPERSON, Data, AutoNumber(RowNo(),Autonum1&Data) as AutoNum2 Resident Tablex Order By kEYPERSON, Data ; Drop Table Tablex;

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Specialist III
Specialist III

1. if(  len(trim(Column2)=0, Column3,Column2) )

2. if(  isnull(Column2), Column3,Column2) )

Creator III
Creator III

where do I put this expression in the table or ???

Specialist III
Specialist III

try in table.

if that doesnt work please provide the excel so that i can play around with it.