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How to replace a "blank" field with a value

Hi all,

I have a simple List Box set up as follows:


Quite simply, I want that "blank" value (it is not NULL - but I don't know what it actually is either) to be "None Specified" - I've messed about with various IF statements but I can't manage it.

Could someone point me in the right direction ?

I would really appreciate it.

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Creator III
Creator III

=if(isnull([Region of install]),'REPLACEMENT STRING',[Region of install])

Type this in list box expression..


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** BOOM **

That's done it, thanks Sunny.

Thanks all for your help, really appreciated.



Hi Andy, in this part of the script:

LOAD Number as SLTN,

     [Project Name],

     [Project Type],

     [Portfolio Priority],

     [Operating System(s)],

     [Region of Install],

     If(Len(Trim([Region of Install]))=0, 'None specified', [Region of Install]) as [Region of Install]

     [Assigned group],


Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

In addition to that, my suggested expression was meant to fix your listbox. Your OP stated that you had problems displaying a string instead of a blank value in a listbox.