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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to select Null Bar and show results in Table

I have a scenario where two datasets have a related column. But there are a few records that do not have a relation. I need to identify those without the relation.

I am using a bar chart and a straight table.

I am trying to select the null bar in the bar chart and I want to see the records in the Straight table filter to only the records that have no relation.

Is that possible?



My sample is attached.

Please Advice


3 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

you cannot select a null value in the chart.  

You can add a expression Count( {<Parent -= {''} >} ID)  to check a missing value in the Parent that till return 0 for the last 2 records.. 

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi @sqlpuzzle, Nulls are not selectable in Qlik. If you want that, the best option is to convert those values to something else like a string "NULL", for example. You can develop that in the load script with the NullAsValue statement ( and the NullValue variable.


Creator II
Creator II

In this Dimension tab, Tick the Supress null value option. NULL value will be excluding.