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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to store input from users in Access Point on server?


I have an QlikView document in the AccessPoint. Users (directors in our organisation) view this document in their browser. In this document is a table of their employees. Each month each director has to check this table and somehow let our HR-department know that they checked the contents of this table and that it is correct. When approved, the HR-department will move on to the salary-process. At this moment they get an excel-file by mail and they have to respond to that mail to give their approval.

Now here is what I would like (very much!):

I would like them to check the table they see in QlikView and then press an approval-button to say it's correct. Then QV has to store that answer somewhere, somehow. In another QV-document that our HR-department can use these results have to be loaded so they can see if everyone who needs to actually did check the table and approved it.

So far, I made a button calling an external batchfile with te parameters user, date, time. That .bat file (C:\WriteApproval.bat:) is very simple and contains one line of code:

echo %1;%2;%3 >>approvals.csv

This .csv then can be reloaded in the other document. Works perfectly, but only in QV on the server. Not in the browser of the user of course, because on the users computer or tablet is no such file as C:\WriteApproval.bat and also not the file approvals.csv, which is on the server as well.

So close, yet so far away....

Has anyone suggestions for what I am trying to do? I don't care if it leads to macro's, scripting etc.

Thanks in advance for your thougths!

Jan-Geert Taekema

Education, The Netherlands.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Jan,

I'm currently struggling with a very similar problem. Did you find a solution to it?

All the best,



Maybe have a look at qlikblog.at, there are some great examples for write-back approaches by Stefan Walther:

Posting Data from QlikView to Other Systems using the Ajax Client

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your input. The Data2Webservice extension is very interesting! That creates the possibility to send data from client side to a webservice. That is step one. Now I have to focus on how and where to receive the webservice. I have worked a lot with webservices, but only on the "GetData" side, not on the "SetData" side.

But your link helps me to set a path for studying (and struggling) to find the solution. As soon as I find the complete answer to my specific problem, I will post it here. May take a while though...


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Curious to hear if you have found the complete answer to your problem.

Contributor II
Contributor II

I'm sorry to tell you that I still have this whish, but I didn't come up with a solution yet. I'm afraid I won't be able to look into this matter further than january 2017... But if (IF) I find a solution, I will tell you here!