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Hyperlink in Dimension or in Expression - neither works perfectly


Trying to solve a hyperlink problem. I need to show dimension value as hyperlink to specified web page. If I use url as dimension, hyperlink just do not work - url it is treated as a dimension, not as a link. If I create an expression and use hierarchical nodes, web address column is always shown and I need to collapse it with value it points, here City.

Has anyone solved this kind of problem before?

Please, find attached a sample qvw- file.

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Dimensions cannot be hyperlinks. Expressions can and your example works fine for me. Note that you use City as label for the expression so the dimension City must be expanded in the pivot table before the url can be calculated. If you change it from City & '<url>' & URL to Company & '<url>' & URL it will work also if the City dimension is collapsed.

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Hi ,

Try like this in the expression:

'URL Link'&'<URL>'&URL



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Thanks for quick replies. Unfortunately neither is exactly what I'm looking for. Web Address column should not be shown, if node(s) are not expanded. So, upper tables layout is correct, because web address is not shown when all nodes are collapsed. Problem is, links do not work. Lower table is fine, but Web address column is still shown as it is not possible hide expression column conditionally here.

So I'm looking for this kind of layout, but with working hyperlinks.