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If Statements to select from fields

So I have a data set with one column listing names of employees and one listing job roles. Field names of the columns are 'Full Name' and 'Title', respectively. I wanted to know how I can use an IF statement to select only the names with job roles containing the words 'Sales' and 'President' and use those selections as a dimension in a filter pane. 

Is there an expression i can use for this?



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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Use this expression as the dimension in the filter pane...

=Aggr(Only({< Title={"*president*", "*sales*"} >} Title), Title)

Then change the label to "Title".

This is better than an "if" statement, because it enable Qlik to recognize this as the "Title" field and have it correctly show in the Selections at top.

See more information on this technique in this post on my blog. (

I hope this helps.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


You can use below expression in Filter Pane

=if (Title='Sales' or Title='President', Full_Name)


Nikita Deshwal

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Hi Nikita,

This would work if you wanted to match those exactly, but the request was to do a "contains" comparison. 

The IF statement could still be used is we substitute "WildMatch".

=if (WildMatch(Title, '*Sales*', '*President*'),  Full_Name)

I tend not to use "If" when doing this in filters or dimensions. I use Aggr instead. Take a look at the blog post mentioned in my prior response and you'll see why.


Former Employee
Former Employee

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