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Contributor II
Contributor II

If clause in load script is not giving correct values

I am not able to derive correct value for a field using if condition in edit script. Here is the scenario. I am loading a QVD file as below


LOAD country,



if(country='US',Date(TransactionDate,'MM/DD/YYYY'),Date(TransactionDate,'DD/MM/YYYY') as transactiondate1

from test_data.qvd;


I have tried loading the qvd and saw that transactiondate1 for all the country values is in the format of MM/DD/YYYY only but not DD/MM/YYYY for the countries other than US

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Hi @SailajaPulugurtha 

I think, you repeated the question in several posts.  Please verify below link and try to close any of the threads and follow up in single thread.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R