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Contributor II
Contributor II

Implementation of Section Access for multiple User Hierarchy

Hello Team,

I am new to implement qlik sense section access for which I need your assistance to understand it in better way. I am little worried about how to design the data modeling to maintain the user hierarchy.

Requirement is like below:

We have 4 level of Users to maintain the hierarchy.

data structure.PNG Similarlay Level_4.


Now, when how the data visibility behaviour should be:

Level_1 user login - Manas will be able to view data related to Nashik and Achalpur.

                              Ranjan will be able to view data related to Sategaon and Amravati.

                              Sunil will able to view data related to Kholapur, Nagpur and Yavatmal

Level_2 user login - Mahesh should see the data of Manas and Ranjan.

                              Ankit should see the data of Sunil.

Level_3 user login - Nikhil should see data of Mahesh, Ankit, Manas, Ranjan and Sunil.

Data drill should be present like Level_3 will drill down to level_2 and level_1.

Could you please let me know how can I achieve this in section access implementation. How can I create section access sheet to maintain data visibility.

Any help and suggestions would be highly recommended.




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Have you had a look at this? Authorization using a Hierarchy

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks Blaine!

Do we have any blog which has simplified script design to understand how to write script for section access that explains about the script syntax.

I am finding difficulty how can I frame a script.

Any help please



Contributor II
Contributor II


Are you able to implement your example by using section access. Please let me know, I am also looking for same type of data need to implement in section access. I have one more doubt we will have multiple employee and managers right how can we implement.  In section access, we will restrict if he is an employee like his name is Ajay he can see only his data we will assign user id and password for him at employee level. Suppose we have 10,000 or more employees how can we do? Please let me know. Thank you!