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Import KML file created with Google

I am trying to import a KML file in Qlik View that was created with Google My Maps. The Map has several areas of a city drawn as Polygons.

I have tried everything to import the Map but it simply won't load in Qlik View. In Qlik Sense I am able to load the KML without a problem with OpenStreetMaps as a background. Also the file loads without any problem in Google Earth. I have tried several extensions such as GeoClick, Geospatial map but no joy. Also I have followed multiple step-by-step tutorials only to be able to draw a Google Map of the world but the polygons won't apear.

What I would like to do is to have the different areas of the city have a colour based on an expression. I am beginning to doubt if this is possible at all.

Hopelfully someone can point me in the right direction! Attached is the KML I would like to import to Qlik View.

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Master III
Master III

Have you tried with XML option in the Import Wizard?

For me, it seems to be working.. see the below screen shot..


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Yes. I can load the file correctly and show all fields in a straight table. The problem is that I cannot plot anything on a map.

Creator III
Creator III

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I appreciate your response! However I already tried both threads without any luck.

KML US and World Map and Sample Data

This links to a turtorial for Qlik Sense. I can plot the map in Qlik Sense but want to do this in Qlik View.

Open Source Geospatial Mapping Extension using KML files

As soon as I try the extension in WebView mode, rename KML to XML and place in correct folder the map draws blank. Tried it in every way.

My data table and map chart looks as below.


The KML file should look as below in the screenshot from Google My Maps editor.


In what way should I input the coordinates in the map chart? Are the coordinates the right format?

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Currently, I don't have a QV license so I am not able to open the example file

did you checked this points.

1.Region Name: this should be set to the dimension holding region names.  If the name doesn't match up to the name within KML data, the connection will not be made, so if a given region isn't rendering on the map, that's probably why.  More will be explained below in the "Working with KML" section.

2.The KML region names need to be the same as the QV data - If you're loading in the data for the US States, for example, and the dimension you're using uses the state abbreviations, the <name> in the KML for each state needs to match up. Again, this will probably not be something you need to write yourself, but if you load in your data and notice that some regions aren't showing up, make sure the data matches the KML names. Your data might have a region named something slightly different, so finding that name in the KML and changing it would be easy.