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Contributor II
Contributor II

Incorrect behaviour bookmark with wildmatch

I have one bookmark containing filters like

Category=wildmatch(Category, 'Dep*', 'Foo*')

Object *Treasure*

And there is also a 2nd bookmark with the condition

Object House

Now these bookmark are not really intersecting somewhere.

On selecting the 1st Bookmark the current selection box correctly reflects the selection criterias, then selecting the 2nd bookmark is also fine. Going back to selecting the 1st bookmark in the selection box you can see the Object value but the wildmatch conditions is not there now. So not all of the bookmark criteria are really applied.

Selecting the same bookmark again makes also the wildmatch appear. Strange enough! Why should it be clicked twice to be applied correctly.

The situation is the same whether the bookmark setting is "Make bookmark apply on top of current selection" or not.

Any ideas why this behavior is like this? Is this a bug?

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