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Incremental Load for QVD


I am currently creating a QVD.

and I want one row added for each day

my QVD looks like this at the moment


so, when the script is run, each day, the col 1 to 4 will have different values and date also.

I can set this up to run each day and I don't want existing value to be updated but just have a row for each date.

I don't want previous data to be interrupted.

and date is set to be date(today())

How can I do this???

Please help me

Thank you

1 Reply

I think we need to know a little more about what you are loading and where from?

But in general you just load today's data, concatenate the load from the QVD and then re-save the QVD and that should work?

Assuming that in your load script you just set the date = date(today()) and you only load it once a day then you should be fine?

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